Friday, February 4, 2011

The Break-Up

Speaking of my first wedding dress, I received this email from Cindy yesterday.

The day I met Cindy was the day that playing dress-up died. On November 13, she poked and prodded me into my first
real wedding dress faster than I could say "I do."

still felt like a 4-year-old.

But Cindy eased me into dresses and out of dismay. She listened to me as I described the ideal dress, and sympathized with me when I disliked each one of them in the mirror.

She commiserated with my mother, who once worked in a wedding boutique, over the brides who seemingly forgot to wear underwear the day of their dress consultation.

She had extra hair ties and bobby pins.

She offered us punch.

She sent a handwritten thank you even though we left the store
empty handed.

And now this.

I just can't bring myself to tell Cindy that I bought my dress elsewhere.
I never expected having to break-up with anyone while being engaged.




  1. Hey, Babe!!!

    You have such a way with words ::))

    Love, dad

  2. Hi! I found your blog from my cousin Sara. I just got married in October and she mentioned to me today that you were writing a great blog while you planned for your wedding. I love finding new blogs and am following along now. I had a similar experience with a very sweet bridal consultant. Handwritten thank you note and all. I called her and let her know that I had found my dress but how thankful I was for all of her attention and thoughtfulness. I wanted to let her know so she didn't feel like she needed to follow up with me anymore. She was so sweet even during the "break up" Very classy!

  3. Hi Sara! I'm so glad you're reading (and I'm glad to finally "meet" you). I ended up emailing Cindy and thanking her for her thoughtfulness. Being the softy that I am, I eased the blow by offering to look at the shop's bridal accessories.