Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm a Beta Tau Beta

I was formally initiated as a Beta Tau Beta on Wednesday.

Apparently I was only a BTB (bride-to-be) pledge to this point. But now there's no denying it - I'm officially part of the sisterhood.

Only this time there was no secret password, candle light or promise of raised letters.

There was just one big fat awful wedding nightmare.

And as president of
my sorority in college, I can assure you that it was a rite of passage far scarier than that of my freshmen year.

I awoke on Thursday from a wedding day with no photographer, no manicure and no idea how to pull together the mess around me.

It left me anxious and forlorn for most of the afternoon, certain that my future was destined to such misfortune.

But then my BTB sisters shared with me their inaugural wedding nightmares, and I felt much better.

I'm back to being the big (wo)man on campus - with even
greater resolve to ensure there are no loose ends by July 16.

So tell me, what is your worst wedding nightmare?

Life Loyal,


* - to be true to my Delta Delta Delta roots, I must clarify that we call our ladies "new members" not pledges. But in the context of the blog, the terminology made greater stereotypical sense.

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