Tuesday, February 1, 2011

House Update

Sadly, we have not moved forward on this house. Therefore, we will not be moving into this house. Without anyone to sublet Adam's apartment, we are unable to sign a new lease.

I've come to terms with this reality rather quickly, which makes me think things are as they should be. There's something to be said about having a clean sense about something.

What has been equally reassuring is that we've decided on our bedding for the future house. No matter where we live, we know what blankets will be on our bed! And that tiny yet permanent fixture of our life together seals the deal in my mind: we will have a new home.

As my dear
Kimberly once said, "Kate, you're not going to be homeless during your first year of marriage."

Now the second or third year... that's up for debate.


Side note about the picture: This summer, Adam took a photo of me looking equally childish and devilish which he has since managed to Photoshop into almost any photo. Here, you can see, I appear to be angry about not getting this house. But as I just explained, that is not the case.

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