Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bach Time

Tonight I am headed to dear Virginia for a weekend full of bridal festivities: a bridal shower hosted by my five aunts AND a bachelorette party coordinated by my two Virginian bridesmaids.

I can't believe I'm hitting the bachelorette benchmark. That's a milestone, y'all - one that can't h
elp but conjure up images of sashes, tiaras and high heels.

The thing is - I would just about die if I had to wear any of those. I think I might just wear cowboy boots.

If that ends up being a bad decision, I'll have another go at it.

I'm a teensy bit embarrassed to admit this, but I am having two bachelorette soirees - one in Virginia and one in Tennessee.

My friends are split between the two states (with one outlier in Maryland and another in the District), and I couldn't imagine asking either group to travel.

Time, money and sanity are precious resources for all ladies during wedding season.

This weekend I'll celebrate with some of my oldest friends from home and college, and at the end of June, I'll celebrate with my Knox friends (who will certainly be OK with me wearing boots.)

I'm counting down the hours until I see you: Emily, Laura, Kerri-Jean, Brittany and Sara!



p.s. - image via Curly Girl Design -- the perfect all-occasion treat for your gal pals.

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