Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We're getting married AND moving in together!

That's how it works, right?

I've been so wrapped up in planning the wedding that I overlook this fact most days. But
that's definitely how it works, and we have a house to prove it.

It's an adorable yellow cottage in Fourth & Gill. While we're sad to leave Old North, we're only moving one neighborhood over.

Our prayers were answered in finding this dog-friendly, two-bedroom house with a yard, largish kitchen (with a dishwasher!) and hardwood floors all within biking distance to downtown. We'll still be living in community with our friends, plus we'll only have to haul our stuff exactly 1.1 miles down the road.

Oh, and there is a ginormous walk-in closest.

We were sold.

The story behind this house is pretty great.

Adam and I have been house hunting for, oh, five months now. We originally fell in love with this little yellow number, but it wasn't meant to be.

We scoured Craigslist and drove in circles through neighborhoods we dreamed about until the process began to drive us crazy.

Then, while on a run, Adam saw a FOR RENT sign in front of a cute house in a great location.

Turns out, the house wasn't big enough, but after learning what we were looking for, the landlady mentioned she had another unlisted rental property down the road.

One thing led to another, and with two months until the wedding day, we're now able to plan for the Great Cohabitation of 2011.

Get your game faces on!

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  1. oh man, i LOVE that house! you'll be really close to us, now, which i know you were hoping for. :D