Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love Shoot

As someone who fervently follows wedding blogs (I've given them up on Google Reader for Lent...twice), I have been awaiting the day we took engagement pictures.

It was a dream to collaborate with our photographer, who is also my roommate. Carrie gave me liberty to style the shoot (hence the five outfit changes and props) and she drew heavily upon sessions I found inspiring.

In the end, we absolutely adore our engagement pictures. They have such personality that reflects the story of our relationship. I can't stop staring and sharing.

Here are a few of my favorites and the scoop behind them:

1.) We are behind my neighbor's shed using a Beacon Two-twenty five that my parents gave Adam as a wedding gift. The Beacon is symbolic for many reasons, but mainly because Adam got his start in photography as the photo editor of The Daily Beacon at the University of Tennessee.

2.) A world map was the perfect backdrop in this shoot by Lang Photographers, and I was lucky enough to find one in our friends' dining room. Adam and I both studied abroad in Wales and Florence, respectively - and we can't wait to travel the world together. (We love that Kate and Wills are moving to Wales!)

3.) I saw this pose captured by Shannon Norman on Green Wedding Shoes in June 2010. For 10 months I've been itching to recreate it in the field at Maple Grove Inn. Now I'll be itching for the rest of the week from the grass!

4.) To create consistency between our engagement and wedding photos, I wanted to use similar elements in both that will make it easier to group framed pictures. This JCrew blouse is the same print as the bridesmaid dresses.

5.) I loved the idea of creating a photobooth after seeing this session by Erin Hearts Court. We rigged Adam's backdrop frame in my backyard with an old sheet. It was perfect practice for the wedding reception!

We are so thankful for the creative direction and patience of Carrie. She is a fantastic photographer who connects with the heart of the couples she photographs. If you're engaged, book her -- book her now!

To view our full engagement album on Texture Photo's Facebook page > click here!



  1. Lovely, I tell ya. LOVELY. I only met you for 3 seconds about 10 days ago, but am so glad that I read this post.
    Congratulations! You look incredibly happy.
    Janelle W.

  2. I love em. I like the Shannon Norman stuff. She seems like she takes the time to be meticulous with telling her clients what to do and wear in the photos.