Tuesday, December 14, 2010


All this time thinking about me, me, me... and I have no idea what the groom is to wear!

Never once did I stop mid-blog scroll to admire that boutonniere or those cuff links-- let alone, give much thought to the question of tux, suit, vest or sleeve-roll.

(Needless to say, this has opened up a whole new reason/way to survey wedding blogs.)

Thankfully, Adam's opinion does count, and he's been helpful in brainstorming ideas. However, it's tricky to argue why a tan suit wouldn't look right with my dress when he has no idea what I'm wearing.

Ho hum.

Which brings me another point: It's 7 months until our wedding and sometimes I can't remember what I'll be wearing.

Sure, I have pictures to which I can refer, but those hardly do anything for my memory on the days where it seems like it's a matter of life or death to remember the exact shade of (insert color) I chose or how breathable (insert fabric type) will be in the July heat.

I will say, what has been extremely helpful - from ordering invitations to meeting with the florist - is having a swatch of fabric on hand from the bridesmaid dresses. Funnily enough, my swatch is in the form of a silk JCrew ruffled blouse I bought along with the dresses.

I just LOVE seeing that hang in my closet!


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