Thursday, December 2, 2010

DIY: Bridesmaid Invitations

There's nothing like a good craft around the dining room table! With thanksgiving, I sat down over the holiday to finish a project I started well before deciding on dresses and dates: the bridesmaid invitations.

If you've been following, you'll remember the execution of this plan was thwarted when I found the bridesmaid dresses before these little suckers were dropped in the mail to my unsuspecting bridemaids-to-be.

The idea came from a blog post I remembered from August 19, 2009. Yes, people, 2009. Some ideas just stick with you- plus, the star feature on Google Reader helps, too.

From the looks of the original, a card serves as a formal invitation to join the bridal party while the paper doll chain reveals the other gals in the line-up.

While I had already asked my attendants, I did not reveal the composition of the entire bridal party until now. Therefore, the invitations did serve a specific purpose other than fulfilling my childhood dream circa 2009.

A note on the hilarious spread above:
  1. The infamous wedding binder. Here is it open to the "stationary tab," as I was working on the invitations, of course.
  2. Crafting cocktails. A mixture of champagne, orange juice and cranberry juice.
  3. A porcelain marker jar. Only my mother would keep markers in a porcelain jar.
  4. Throwback souvenirs. Has anyone been to the Flying Monkey in Key West, Fla. ?
And here is a picture of my finished product!


P.S. - Ensuring the hair had a nice swoopy side bang was the trickiest part of the entire craft.

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