Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pin It!

I am forever indebted to my dear engaged friend Amelia.

She introduced me to the fabulous Pinterest, and it's a bride's dream. I will sing its praises from the hilltops (and down the aisle).

Pinterest acts as a virtual & personal bulletin board as you browse the internet. When you find inspiration bits, you "pin" them to boards you've dedicated to encompass your vision - tablescapes, flowers, attire, etc.

As a life-long, die-hard collage enthusiast, this is an absolutely beautiful & utilitarian gift.

No more emailing myself links and filing them under "Brimer Wedding."

But this is not just a gift to brides - it's incredible for anyone who wishes to keep a visual library. Check it out, request an invite and wait anxiously for its arrival.

Happy Holidays,


  1. I love pinterest! I have stolen so many photos from this site!

  2. My pinterest acceptance finally came through! Now, how do I follow your pin boards? :)