Saturday, January 15, 2011

House Hunting

Last weekend Adam and I received word that there was a cute house for rent in North Knoxville.

Our quick drive-by was interrupted when I started yelling, "Slow down! Slow down! I need to write down the number."

Adam and I toured the house at different times last week. I left smitten with the butler's pantry and inset bookshelves beside the fireplace. Adam left grinning over the backyard and Power T's on the front columns. Imagine that!

This gem of a starter home is available months before either of our current leases are up, but we are drawn to its location, size, and affordability.

We are dizzy and excited and praying that if this is to be our future home, all the missing pieces will shuffle into place:
  1. We will find someone to sublet Adam's apartment February - April
  2. Our rentor's application will be approved
  3. A short-term roommate will join Adam and Lily in the new home until July
Just for the heck of it I spent time sketching the furniture Adam and I each own. I'm not exactly sure how this whole moving in together thing is going to work...



  1. it's easier than you think. i promise.

  2. oh it's perfect!!!! love love love.

  3. whoa, girl! you've got some sweet sketching skills!