Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quesadilla Love

Quesadillas have little to do with wedding planning. But as I sat down to lunch today, I realized that they have implications for my future with Adam.

You see, for the past three days, I have eaten these little guys.

It's not like I'm in college. I have a full pantry at my disposal; fruits and veggies are in my fridge. I even consider my cooking skills to be above average.

But yet, I have eaten The Pioneer Woman's quesadillas for three days in a row, and I'd probably continue fixing them if I hadn't just used my last jalepeno and tortilla.

Therein lies the difference between me and Adam.

Adam doesn't like leftovers.

He hardly owns tupperware (note to self: register for tupperware).

He most certainly wouldn't consider eating the same thing for an entire week.

And that's fine. I will negotiate three quesadillas for an entire husband.

But I'm wondering, how do you learn to cook not only for yourself, but for the tastes and preferences of some else? Not just for date night or a dinner party - but for (like) ever?



  1. one of the pros of living together before marriage! i must say it has been quite tricky.

  2. 1. your quesadillas look amazing... making my mouth water a bit.
    2. I hate leftovers and Sam loves them: it's actually the perfect combination in a marriage (although I do sometimes refer to him as the garbage disposal which wouldn't be a very flattering name for you, yet he takes pride in it)
    3. I have full confidence that Adam will like whatever you cook!

  3. YUUUUUM man you just can't go wrong with the pioneer woman!! Her stirfry was crazy delish tonight :)

    I love leftovers.

  4. this too has been one of my struggles in marriage as well!! i wish i could offer some sort of advice on this subject, but instead, all i can do is empathize. ohhhhh...welcome to marriage!! i think we should just come up with some sort of solution together. surely we can think of something real good. :)