Thursday, November 11, 2010


Adam and I had lunch with his mom this afternoon. It was the first time we've seen any family since the proposal and it was so much fun! Cheryl jumped right into registry musts and I tried to show off as much of the wedding binder as possible. "Look at me! Look at me!"

I'm thankful for Adam's family and his relationship with them. It increases my excitement to see my parents on Saturday, and then for the Brimer and Heubach soiree on Monday night! We are merging families; two becoming one.

Today's most exciting happening occurred when Kim at the Georgetown JCrew booked my FIRST bridal consultation for Nov. 26 at 1 pm. Kim made my day (and perhaps has already made my wedding) by allowing me - the one and only "non-emergency" appointment - to be booked on Black Friday.


I feel like what a sparkly sequin must feel like.

This whole dress shopping thing has unfolded in such a sweet manner. Initially, I suggested that my mom and I try to squeeze in some Knoxville appointments this weekend. However, my spirit was immediately uneasy.

Without a date/location (and therefore no conversation with potential bridal party members), buying a dress just seemed out of order. The date and location will certainly influence the style of dress, and moreover, I want to savor and share the shopping experience with pronounced members of my bridal party.

It won't be a perfect experience... I'm not in la-la land here... but I can be intentional in how I go about this.

And I can always hope to be sipping champagne in the dressing room.


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  1. one bottle of andre--each--for the dressing room and for old time's sake