Monday, November 22, 2010

Who, What, Why, When, Where?

Ok. There has been a lull in blogging. I came down with a cold last week which I took as an indication of taking on "too much, too fast."

While I have decided on a dress for myself and my bridesmaids, we have yet to nail down a date and location which makes me feel largely unproductive. However, when I consider what I've truly accomplished and researched, I recognize I'm no slacker.

Thus far...

- The guest list is 98% done
- Invitations have been narrowed down to two possible choices
- Quotes have been received from 2 photographers and 1 videographer
- A revised menu has been submitted to the chef at our desired venue
- Kegs have been price-checked from a local beer market
- Favors have been decided upon

During this entire process I have searched tirelessly to find the one decision that needed to be made in order for everything else to fall into place. Being of such a logistical nature, I was convinced there was going to be a magic order to all of this.

Truth be told, I'm stumped. All I can do is make sound decisions that compliment one another and uphold the values Adam and I have for our wedding.

With that being said, Adam and I value the presence of our family and community. Our wedding will certainly be a celebration of the good work started between the two of us, but it will also be an expression of our gratitude for all those who have loved and labored along with us.

After much conversation and research, I am thrilled to announce that I'm getting married in Knoxville! Although my parents were hesitant to walk their only daughter down the aisle in Tennessee, it has become clear that we're all taken with the Maple Grove Inn, a historic bed and breakfast in West Knoxville. It truly has a Virginia feel in the heart of Tennessee.

In the words of my father, a true Virginia Cavalier, "It is definitely a destination worth traveling to!" Being a retired English teacher, he usually doesn't end his sentences with prepositions, but anything goes these days for the Father of the Bride.

So, stay tuned as the date is announced!


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