Thursday, January 20, 2011


Now that some major wedding to-dos have been crossed off the list, Adam and I have begun to talk about registries. Honestly, the idea of registering overwhelms me- from considering all the "essentials" to agreeing on items with Adam, it seems like a process that I will make more complicated than it's worth.

For now, I'll take it one subset at a time- and right now I'm focusing on china.

CHINA! Ooooh, china. My infatuation with china has taken me by complete surprise! But I can't help but feel so womanly, so legit, sooo "I'm getting married" when I think about owning china.

Before getting engaged, I had gone back and forth on the china topic. To some "young" brides, china seems impractical, too stately and far less fun than the new line of Pottery Barn throw pillows or the dinnerware Ikea offers. Moreover, it ends up being low on the registry totem pole when you're in need of more everyday items.

Fortunately, Adam (the baker) and I (the cook) are blessed to already have some major kitchen items within our possession- everyday dishes, food processor, crockpot, hand mixer, hand blender, etc.

I would love to put these kitchen appliances to use and serve others... (occasionally) on fine china.

Tell me, will you/did you register for china? The poll is located to the right! And leave any comments below.


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