Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the woods: the mission statement

As you know, Kate and I are right in the hot middle of our wedding planning process. We're still in the woods. The process is super exciting and very encouraging, but we've a long way to go before the finish.

Here, dear reader, I will try my hand at metaphor. See, Kate and I like to hike.

Pretend that this point in the wedding planning process we are only 2.4 miles from getting to the trailhead.

Though we are a still in the woods in terms of wedding planning, we both realize that we don't want to rush the process. Things do need to get done and do need to be taken care of quickly, but they need to be done deliberately. We may have gotten a million things done in such a short time (at least to me it seems so) but each step has been carefully thought out.

In the beginning, before any of the wedding planning began we both agreed to take a multi-day hiatus from getting things done. The urge to get a running start was too great and we realized that we needed to enjoy our brief moment of engagement bliss. Though Kate (BTB) went out and got her a red binder and we kind of already started talking about wedding plans we made a point to sit down and write out our "Mission Statement" for the wedding.

That's right, I said "Mission Statement." Kate and I sat down and wrote lists of why we want to get married, what we want to happen at our wedding and why. After comparing notes, we compiled a list and prayed about it. Whenever Kate and I get in a tight spot over the cheese tray, guests, music, or how hot it may be, I reference the mission statement.

The biggest thing for us to remember is that it is a celebration of God's work in our lives.

That list brings us back to our roots and back to our senses.

Every day we hang out we realize how much easier this whole process would be if we just lived together! But alas, that is part of the process. I guess I can wait a few more agonizing months.