Monday, January 10, 2011


I've decided to share a few outtakes from our impromptu save the date session with my bestie Sara-- only because it's Monday AND a snow day AND the best day ever.

This all came about while visiting Virginia over Thanksgiving. After running around D.C. eating giant pizza and ogling over Anthropologie jewelry (sorry, Adam), we decided to take a few photos in Sara's neighborhood.

I stepped in dog poop 5 minutes later. Of course.

Here's my initial reaction. Sara was laughing so hard she couldn't focus the camera.

I tried to brush it off (literally & figuratively) and still look charming. However, Adam had a harder time masking his disgust.

Adam got me back for dragging him around Anthropologie and swinging my poo-covered feet in his face.

Whether it be the smell or my bashfulness, I couldn't keep a straight face during the serious photos. Luckily, Adam had his Blue Steel down!

Once the save the dates hit doorsteps, I'll post some more of our favorite photos!



  1. dang. ya'll are so darn cute!
    Love that last one haha

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