Monday, April 11, 2011

Navy Baby

Here's a little Monday haiku for you:

We are in a bind.
Navy suits are hard to find.
Can you help us, please?

That's right. We haven't found navy suits available to rent. I never expected this to be a hang up! Do you have any suggestions??

A little desperate,

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  1. 1. I am in love with that picture, it is the epitome of what I am envisioning for my wedding.
    2. Seeing as how I have relied on you for so many wedding suggestions, I can offer no solutions to your dilemna other than to please please please fix it so I will know what to do next spring : )

  2. Welcome to my world. I found out a few months ago that renting a suit (grey in my case) is pretty much impossible. I assume you mean an affordable navy suit, otherwise I would have started this by saying J. Crew. However, there are some places that I have found that will make a custom suit for around $350, but it takes at least 3 weeks. We should get together and discuss options, as I am in this situation as well.

  3. JoEllen! This is THE wedding I sent you as inspiration for you! Hahaha :)

    Michael! To my surprise, Adam had an update when I got home from work. He found navy suits at Walker's Formal Wear. Maybe you should check them out. Regardless, let's all get together FOR REAL.