Thursday, April 28, 2011

These Five Things

Earlier today, fellow blogger and friend Caite followed Marcy May's lead and wrote 10 (well, 8) little things about herself. She then turned the table on her readers, and asked them to do the same.

I took interest in this challenge because after college I kept a tiny blog called
These Five Things. While I wasn't divulging five facts about myself, I was sharing five things in which I'd taken interest.

One day shy of exactly two years ago, I had taken an interest in
Mr. and Mrs. O. More so, Mrs. O's style, but who hadn't from the moment she started wearing belts around cardigans and shopping at Target?

Back to the point - I'm going to play along with Caite, but today I'm aiming to write five wedding-related things about myself.

1. The first time I heard Pachelbel's Canon on the 5-disc changer in my aunt and uncle's Volvo, I knew I'd walk down the aisle to that song. I slaved away to learn it on the piano, which always put a smile on my mother's face, and it's probably the only song I can still play by heart. With that being said, there are no secrets come July 16th!

Admittedly, Adam and I thoroughly discussed using the acoustic intro to Sigur Ros' "ágætis byrjun" off their hvard-heim album. But that wasn't in the cards for our string trio.

2. After a service trip to the redwoods during college, I broke my habit of religiously wearing mascara. These days, my make-up regimen is minimal. I get by with under-eye concealer, blush and bronzer - and when I'm feeling sassy, a little clear mascara on the brows. All that to say, the thought of wedding make-up scares the crap out of me. It's the one time where, "more is more!"

3. When I was the flower girl in my cousin's wedding, I lost my two front teeth at the rehearsal dinner. The daughters of that bride will be handing out programs at my wedding! At the wedding of another cousin, I was snuck my first mimosa. Her red-headed cutie-
patootie is my flower girl.

4. My wedding paradigm was shaped by the following cinematic moments: 1) The armadillo groom's cake in the "blush and bashful" wedding //
Steel Magnolias; 2) A father in denial befriends the cooky wedding coordinator // Father of the Bride; 3) Julia Roberts' bridesmaid fitting with Cameron Diaz // My Best Friend's Wedding.

5. I have never been a bridesmaid. Imagine that - planning a wedding without ever having been in one!

Enough said!


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