Monday, April 11, 2011

The Newlywed Game

What made me sweat at my shower was not the nightie I opened FROM MY MOTHER - but playing the newlywed game.

My friend Susan had asked Adam a series of questions in advance, and I was to guess how he answered them.

Opening gifts + talking + thinking like Adam was a lot to juggle, but it made for a hilariously sweet time. I hope someone got a picture of me fanning myself with the shower invitation.

Here are a few questions with my answers followed by Adam's. Feel free to laugh at the inconsistencies. We did.

--What is Kate's favorite flower?
K: Baby's breath
A: She isn't crazy about flowers....

-- What is Kate's favorite season of the year?
K: Spring
A: Summer, methinks

-- What is your favorite feature on Kate? g-rated :)
K: My legs?
A: Her eyes: green halos with brown in the center, one black speck in each

-- What is her favorite feature about you?
K: His hands
A: My smile

-- What is her "go-to" meal?
K: Anything with pork
A: BBQ nachos! Calhoun's patio in the summer and/or Dead End

-- What is your favorite thing that she wears?
K: A purple crewneck from JCrew
A: She has a striped shirt that looks like she'd wear it sailing... I love it. Oh and jeans and flats. that is Kate to me. She has great style.

-- What is Kate's favorite movie?
K: Pride & Prejudice or Under the Tuscan Sun
A: Star Wars :)

**Adam's response is clearly a joke as I've never seen any Star Wars movies. Apparently this is a requirement before becoming a Brimer.

-- If she could travel anywhere, where would she go?
K: Florence, Italy
A: Florence, Italy

-- What was the date of your first date?
K: I have no idea; it was a date to Litton's sometime in June. We officially started dating on June 27 after a trip to the aquarium in Chattanooga.
A: June 27 is when we got Lily... and technically when we started dating. We went to Litton's for dinner a week or so before that... so really that was our first date but I don't remember the exact date... It's like the queen's birthday, we have an official date and then the real date. I side with the Litton's dinner, but in my infinite forgetfulness I don't remember when it was.

-- How many kids does she want have?
K: 2
A: 2-3. I know she wants a girl first. I want a boy first. Guess we'll have to figure that out :)

-- What is her childhood pets name?
K: Windsor!
A: Windsor, a cocker spaniel

-- What is her top love language (words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, gifts)?
K: {I started out by asking if that meant giving or receiving - turns out Adam answered for both!} Receiving: words of affirmation; Giving: acts of service
A: To her: words of affirmation; From her: quality time

-- If she could change one thing about herself what would it be?
K: {I had no idea}
A: She'd be married to me already. Haha!

We're 6 for 13. We're meant to be!


P.S. - Thank you, Susan!


  1. I have never seen Star Wars either, but I do have a Star Wars t-shirt that I bummed off of an 8 year old when I lived in Hawaii about 7 years ago. I wear it all the time and it makes James so made since I have never seen the movie.

  2. love this game! and how yours played out :)

  3. I've gotta play this with Andrea. I think we'd do pretty terribly. We'll see. I don't know what adam was talking about with your favorite flower. He knew your favorite flower was Baby's Breath, because he bought it for you at Whole Foods that one day a couple months ago.