Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Like A Glove

I'm a little skiddish as I write this for fear of giving something away. I almost blew it the first time I approached this topic.

On Friday, I had my first fitting since the wedding dress was altered.

And boy, did it fit like a glove!

It's amazing how they can do that. A little nip, a little tuck and voila! You no longer look like a saggy wedding cake.

Believe you me, I never doubted Michelle's ability as a seamstress. During my first appointment, she floored me with her working knowledge of
my dress - the dress that I (secretly) thought was the most unique, most special, never-before-seen dress.

Michelle humbled me with the fact that she has altered
my dress several times.

And praiza Lord for all those brides who have gone before me!

Michelle had learned that its fabric was actually longer than the underpinning of the dress so she knew what to expect during alternations; she had created both a traditional and french bustle on the gown and was able to demonstrate both options; she even assured me that my EXACT undergarments were a common choice among brides who chose this dress.

I mean, is she good? Or is she good?

In my opinion, she's up there with

One lucky bride,


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