Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Food of Love

One of my wildest wedding dreams has come true.

Someone has purchased the Kitchenaid stand mixer off our registry!

Forget about the towels, the dishes, the much-needed 24-piece tupperware set. This is one sharp cookie.

We're looking at 325 watts, 10-speeds, a 5-quart bowl and an empire red finish.

Now, I know this is a common registry item for brides - even for those who have no intention of ever using the dough hook or the horsepower. As for them: shaaaame on you.

But to me - the girl who hand mixes everything save for the time I whip out my immersion blender from the early 90s to finish the job (do you even understand how wrong that is?) - this is the icing on the cake, literally.

Thanks to online registries, brides have the awkward but thrilling knowledge as to when items on their registry are "complete," or shall I dare say it - left unfulfilled.

HAPPY SIDENOTE - When you register at Pottery Barn, you receive 10-percent off all items left on your registry - as well as any items you wish to add - for six months after the wedding.

However, in cases like this, you're left overjoyed with a splash of intrigue and dash of excitement. You have absolutely no idea who bought it or when it will arrive - as if brides weren't antsy enough :)

So, to the Lovely Person who purchased the empire red 5-quart, 10-speed, 325-watt Kitchenaid stand mixer, I can't wait to squeeze your neck and send you cookies, or a cake, or whatever baked goods your heart desires.


P.S. - This is the first thing I predict making! Or maybe this.

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  1. we got that exact mixer & i was soooooo excited. of course it is still sitting unused on top of our fridge, but i love it anyways!!!