Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hide and Seek

This has nothing to do with weddings.

The south was unexpectedly hit by a series of tornadoes yesterday.
Tuscaloosa, AL bore the brunt of the storm while pockets of severe weather continued to sweep through South-eastern Tennessee and Southern Virginia. Reports indicate that over 170 people were killed.

I pray that number does not rise throughout today.

This morning we are extremely thankful that our family and friends are safe after such an eerie day in Knoxville.

Adam's brother, sister-in-law and nephew who live in West Knox took cover in the bathroom during a hail storm that shattered windshields and house windows, while his parents withdrew to the basement as a funnel cloud was spotted in Morristown, TN.

We had several friends who lost power for the second time this week, and knew of others with significant damage to their homes due to fallen trees.

My roommate Meghan,
Lily monster and I spent most of the night between our house and our neighbors' who have a basement. Meghan is from Alaska and was largely unfamiliar (and therefore super calm) with the storm scare.

However, I was reminded of the time my 12-year-old home alone self hid under the basement steps with our dog Windsor, the Brita water pitcher and my Bible after hearing that a tornado was coming up I-81.

Mind you, that particular interstate runs the
entire length of Virginia.

Thankfully, I felt less alone yesterday.

Despite covering the developing storm from the newsroom, Adam kept in touch the entire day. I received funny little texts asking me to "keep an eye on things" and "be safe." But as conditions worsened, I understood more deeply Adam's concern and care.

At one point he even thanked me for taking cover.

My sweetheart.

Contained in this post are several photos Adam took yesterday courtesy of Below is my favorite scene which he captured from the top of the parking garage I use for work.

Y'all take care now!

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